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    Porcini (Boletus Edulis) Mushrooms. Preserved fresh in a quality olive oil. These wild mushrooms are selected from the most fertile areas in Spain for their growth. Ready to use for an antipasto, sautés with a white meat as veal chop, or tossed in your favorite pasta!…. Harvest: in Autumn and winter. Available: Pieces in olive oil, jar 260G Prepared sauce, […]

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    Fiber-free and with an unforgettable buttery taste. Harvested near by LC facilities, and scalded before peeling : the skin protects the properties and keeps full aromas of the vegetable itself. These asparagus obtain the IGP label: Protected Geographical Identification, which is a high quality criteria. The harvest is between April and June. You eat and then you crave for Asparagus: they really melt in […]

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    The piquillo peppers are a variety of chili, Capsicum annuum, grown originally in North of Spain. They present a sweet taste with no heat. Harvest: September – November Available: Whole in brine, jar 350G Confited in olive oil, tin 125G Prepared sauce, jar 240G Origin: Spain, Navarra region

The secret of LC lies in the rich fertile soil, thanks to the extreme temperatures (hot & cold) and abundant rainfall, typical of the Navarra valley, in the Northern part of Spain, Basque region.

During the civil war in Spain in 1936-1939, soldiers' mothers preserved vegetables, casseroles and pâtés for their sons and daughters and they continued afterwards, as it became essential to store as much seasonal food as possible, in order to be available all year round.

Preserves became both necessary and a part of daily life.

The grandmother of the current owner of LC started up a small jar sealing business combining her knowledge of the terroir, with a strong enterprising nature, that she's transmitted and here became La Catedral de Navarra!

Where can we find enthusiasts who get up at 3 in the morning, to pick up asparagus, in order to keep them white and to preserve them from photosynthesis? ...

Only this commitment is to show you the love and the respect of the product.