• Steak-Tartare charolais
    Serving Suggestion Charolais Steak Tartare: a Must in the French bistrot Gastronomy !
  • 29TOURNEDOS_SPAN-jumbo-v2
    Serving Suggestion Charolais Beef Fillet Rossini: prepared with seared foie gras, truffles and port jus.
  • Charolais beef fillet
    Whole beef fillet 1,250 kg or 2.75 lb

    Cut in portion of 250G or 8oz Vacuum pack of 5 pieces Total weight: 1,250 Kg or 2.75 lb

Charolais is one of the largest and oldest cattle breeds in the world.
Its dress is white in colour and comes from the French region of Charolais, in Burgundy.
The excellence of the pasture fields in the Morvan and the Nivernais is recognized to naturally process the fattening of the beefs.
The animals graze mainly outside for at least 24 months to 3 years, excepted for the last 2 months: they spend in the barn and  are fed with corn grain, in order to obtain a minimum of marble in their muscle.
According to the French legislation, hormones are strictly forbidden to be used in the acceleration of the growth of the beef.
It's a 100 % Free Range natural beef with NO tenderizer. 
Charolais meat has the reputation of being tasty and low in fat cover, which makes it very digestible and healthy.
All our meats of Charolais come with a full traceability passport, from the  farm they have been raised up to the cutting plant, where our pieces have been packed.
Bahamas Gourmet is only proposing fillet portions: you are getting a meat, full of texture, aromatic and tasty, and the most important: NATURAL & HEALTHY!