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    Bresse Chicken à la crème & morels, a Classic!

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    Roasted Bresse Chicken

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    Bresse Chicken

    Origin : Bresse region, France Non GMO, Free range Average weight : 1,4kg to 1,8kg

First of all, Bresse chicken is guaranteed NON GMO, ANTIBIOTIC FREE AND BLEACH FREE!

The breed is exactly a white "Bresse Gauloise", recognizable by its blue feet, its feather totally white and its well developed comb, especially for the cock.

This chicken is fed only with non GMO cereals, coming exclusively from that same region, Bresse, in order to get the AOC certification(Appellation  d'Origine Contrôlée).

All the birds are raised in an open area and total freedom, for a minimum of 4 months.

At the end, they are fatted in coops during 1 or 2 weeks, so they could produce some good fat, which will offer this incomparable texture and flavor.

To identify a real Bresse chicken, there are 3 mandatory elements:

the ring put on the chicken leg, by the producer, with his name and address

the tricolor label seal attached to the base of the neck from the Comity Interprofessional of the Poultry from Bresse, with the indication where has been prepared the chicken

The sticker from that same Comity with the AOC certification (Appellation of  controlled origin)

There are Quartz watches and Mechanic watches,

There are basic cars and Supercars

There are fish roe and Caviar.....

In the same way, there are chickens and there are Bresse chickens, the King of Chickens and the Chicken for Kings and Queens.