• 2 coquilles st jacques et fruits de
    Scallops & Seafood Gratiné 200G

    Another tasty alternative to the escargots: a ready appetizer, made with a seafood medley.  Easy to cook in your oven for 25 minutes!  Prepared with scallops, mussels and shrimps, and combined with an Armoricaine sauce, with a dash of Cognac and crème fraîche: a specialty from French Brittany!  Weight: 2 x 110G Serving: 2 persons

  • ESCARGOTS 125G – smaller
    Escargots Retail 125G

    Today, less time is certainly spent in preparing meals and people tend to eat more snacks. However, people attach greater importance to the pleasure of dining and products prepared in a traditional way, become increasingly popular. Here is the best example: ·Preheat your oven to 350°F, remove the foil plate from its packaging and film, […]

  • escargot-bag-small
    Escargots Bulk 500G

    Welcome to the utlimate French Gastronomie! From time immemorial, people have been eating Escargots. In the Middle Ages monks used to keep live Escargots in their cellars in order to have food during time of famine. It seems that the first Escargots were produced in Bassou, near the Chablis vineyard, in the year 1796. They […]