• caviar-4oz-small

    . Weight 125G or 4OZ . Russian Sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii . Size grain Medium (2 to 3,5mm) . Color Amber . Taste : subtle aromas of the sea. Long, delicate hazelnut flavour.

  • EN K caviar 15G
    Ossetra Caviar “on the go”

    Description : Ossetra Caviar “on the go” Weight 15G or 1/2 oz 15 grams of Magic! Gone are the days of eating caviar at the table ! Now, you can enjoy this dainty delight on the GO : en-K de caviar is a slick, original tin containing 15 grams of caviar. It come with a […]

  • caviar-display-small
    Caviar Snack Display

    Display of 6 assorted tins of 15G each Available in 6 colors : black, silver, gold, blue, pink, white Tin dimensions: L133mm x W45mm x H23mm Those 6 tins are containing 15G of caviar, including a tasting spoon, to enjoy like a snack, anywhere, anytime, with anyone ! This concept is specially made for the […]

Kaviari is an artisanal company, working with the best sturgeon's farms around the world.

Skilled staff members join forces with the fish farmers and follow each step of the production process.

This closed relationship allows the selection of the best roes mented to be cured in the Parisian cellars, directly from the farming site.

The perfect ageing of caviar is done by a Master in Paris for at least 3 months, in order to obtain the best complexity and subtle fragrance notes. Thanks to his expertise and savoir-faire, Kaviari is recognized by most of the famous gourmets chefs and Michelin starred restaurants.

Bahamas Gourmet has specially selected Ossetra Prestige, for its finest aroma and delicacy.