• nougat det sans pistache
    Authentic Nougat of Montélimar, with 30% almonds.
  • organic_nougat_small

    All organic ingredients. With 30% of almonds. Original recipe. Origin: Montélimar, France Weight: 50G

  • Nougat display 24 pcs
    Nougat display 24pcs

    Display of 24 pieces. Tender nougat bites with 15% almonds. Origin: Montélimar, France Weight : 24 x 30 G

  • bites-berries-small
    Nougat bites with dried berries 30G

    Tender nougat bite. With 15% almonds & dried red berries. Display of 24 pieces. Origin : Montélimar, France Weight : 30G

  • bites-small
    Nougat bites with caramel topping 30G

    Tender nougat bites. With 15% almonds & caramel nuggets. Display of 24 pieces. Origin: Montélimar, France Weight: 30G

  • bar-small
    Nougat bar 50g

    Tender nougat bar. With 15% almonds. Origin: Montélimar, France Weight: 50G

The word “nougat” comes from the Latin “nux” meaning “nut”, and “gatum” meaning “cake”. This was a cake made with honey and walnuts. In Provence, we replaced walnuts by almonds.

There is the story of a confectioner who was head over heels in love with a beautiful princess. As he thought about her, he poured some honey into a pan to remind him of his beloved’s golden hair, some almonds for the shape of her eyes and some sugar to remind him of her sweetness and beauty.

Nougat appeared in Montélimar in the 17th Century: it was offered to the most prestigious guests, making it famous far and wide. In Provence, white and black nougat is part of the 13 Christmas desserts.

Nougat is only manufactured with natural ingredients: almonds, honey, white eggs, cane sugar and vanilla... It is a high quality traditional product, one of the brightest stars of French confectionary.

Last minute Buzz: the American corporation Google has chosen the name "Nougat" for its new version of Androïd: a really nice partnership between the traditional French quality confectionary and the world of 2.0!!!