• Clementine jam-small
    Clementine jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Citrus clementina, or Clementine de Corse IGP, from Corsica, France.   Taste: Well balanced acidity and sugar, thanks to the perfect maturity of the fruits. Very unique marmalade, with an unforgettable flavor.   Serving Suggestions: on a fresh Baguette or toasted Poilâne bread, with a good butter, a French croissant, or topped on a vanilla ice cream.   […]

  • Blood peach jam-small
    Peach Jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Blood vine peach from a small vineyard, in the Auxerrois, France. Taste: Inimitable flavor, all finesse. Just the fruits, perfectly ripped and picked at the right time.   Serving Suggestions: on a authentic Baguette ,toasted Poilâne bread, with fresh butter, or on a French croissant.   Weight: 370G or 13.2oz

    Raspberry jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Raspberry Willamette, from Champagne region.   Taste: Rich aroma and very intense flavor, almost like a raspberry liquor!   Serving Suggestions: on a fresh Baguette or toasted Poilâne bread, with a good butter, a French croissant, or topped on a vanilla ice cream.   Weight: 370G or 13.2oz

  • Blackcurrant jam-small
    Blackcurrant jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Blackcurrant Noir de Bourgogne from Nuits St Georges, from the famous Region Côte d’Or, Burgundy. Taste: very intense, thanks to the specific berry, used for the famous “Crème de Cassis”. Serving Suggestions: great accompaniment with cheeses, especially semi hard cheeses, either goat or cow, or blended. Weight: 370G or 13.2oz

  • Strawberry jam-small
    Strawberry jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Strawberries Senga, Mara des Bois and Gorella, from South West of France & Morvan region. Taste: well balanced with the maturity of the fruits, the dosage of the sugar and the perfect cooking point of the Master confiturier. Serving Suggestions: on Poilâne bread light toasted, butter croissants and vanilla ice cream. Weight: 370G or 13.2oz

  • Apricot jam-small
    Apricot jam 370g or 13.2oz

    Variety: Bergeron Apricot from Provence Alps, in the region of Mont Ventoux, raised in Biodynamie. Taste: very intense, and inimitable, thanks to the maturity of the fruit. Serving suggestions: on Poilâne bread, lightly toasted, fresh croissants or over vanilla ice-cream. Weight: 370G or 13.2oz

In the heart of Morvan-Burgundy region, Trinquelinette makes homemade jams, all tastier than the others. Only 200,000 pots for the world!

The philosophy of the house is to pick the best fruits of the season and to preserve their quality by reducing the sugar content.

Thus, at the end of cooking, we obtain at least 55% of fruit for only 45% of sugar, but more than anything, a healthy jam, with less sugar than a classic one: more delicious and tasty !

All jams are cooked in a traditional copper cauldron.

Only unrefined cane sugar from Mauritius is used, and a hint of agar-agar as a natural gelling agent. The secret is not to overcook the jam: a too long boiling process might caramelise the sugar, and therefore mask the taste of the fruit.

The boiling lasts only a few minutes to maintain the truly flavor and inimitable color of the fruit.

Bernard, the owner and Master confiturier, acquired the experience to feel exactly when "to stop the fire".

The selection of fruits is guaranteed without fertilizer or chemical treatment. 

They are 100% Bio and organic.

The other secret is to choose the best fruits of the best terroirs.

Trinquelinette remains faithful to its producers.

Nothing is chosen at random and if there is no fruit because of an unexpected frost, there will be simply no jam!

The fruits chosen are neither too ripe, nor not enough: just at the right point of balance between sugar and acidity.

At Trinquelinette, we don't use any damaged fruits.

Only the best fruits are picked, because it is essential to obtain the most excellent taste quality. That's the motto of the house.

Trinquelinette embodies simplicity and authenticity: Bernard's jars are like him, no frills, essential. Just an obvious, as we like it.

Now you just have to lick your fingers!