• confit-2legs-small

    Our confits are guaranteed non GMO without additives or preservatives. The most beautiful pieces of duck meat are salted and slowly cooked in duck fact. Serving suggestions: reheat in a hot oven until the duck skin is lightly roasted for 20-30 minutes and served with your favorite vegetables, such as sautés potatoes in duck fat, French green beans […]

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    DUCK FAT 320G

    PURE DUCK FAT. Excellent to use for all your searing and especially frying potatoes. Giving a good flavor and richness to your favorite food preparation! This belongs to the famous “French paradox”: you cook with this type of oil and reduce your “bad” or LDL cholesterol, because monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are composing the ingredients for at least […]

  • duck-confit-small

    Food service size. 10 legs of +/- 8OZ or 240G Including liquid duck fat, to use same as olive oil. Shelf stable tin: 2 years shelf-life minimum. Origin: Landes region, France Serving suggestions: reheat on a skillet frying pan or in the oven ; serve with roasted potatoes, French green beans, or mixed green salad, […]

Lafitte ducks are from an old origin with a specific slow growth breed.

The birds are grown free range, in small farms from the Landes region, South West of France, in an open air and natural environment, representing a responsible and measured agriculture.

All the ducks are fed with only vegetal non GMO products such as corn and wheat.