• biscuit-rose-small
    Reims Biscuit 100G

    The Biscuit Rose dates from the 1690s. At this time, bakers of the champagne region anxious to use the heat of their oven after cooking bread, had the idea of creating a special dough which, after having been cooked once, was left in the bread oven where it finished drying. Hence the origin of the word BIS-CUIT: cooked twice. Originally, the biscuit was […]

  • almond-cake
    Almond Cake 500G or 1.1lb

    This delicious almond cake is named in honor of Santiago (St. James), the patron saint of Spain. Every July 25th the feast day of St. James is celebrated nationally in Spain,  and especially in the city of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. The cake’s origin is not certain, but it may have been brought by a pilgrim  during […]

  • brittany-main-small

    In 1936, Marie Guézennec launched her first biscuits factory in the small town of Pont-Croix, French Brittany. Many years later, the biscuiterie moved a little further, on the same road to La Pointe du Raz, a nature’s masterpiece cliff battered by the winds and the turbulent waters of the Iroise sea. You can find those mouth-watering cookies throughout the Quimper region, […]